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Obeserving bacteris and blood Essay

Objectives: There were two major goals of the â€Å"Observing Bacteria and Blood† experiment. The first was to establish a familiarity with the proper techniques for using a microscope. The experiment focused on both the basic components of a microscope (i.e. how to adjust the knobs and levers for the desired result) as well as how do decide the proper objective to use for observing a specimen. The second goal major goal of this experiment was to practice observing live specimens (yogurt and blood). Procedures: Exercise 1: Observation of prepared slides using the microscope. The observation of the 8 prepared slides was performed by making adjustments to the microscope (focus, condenser, light) in order to establish a clear image of the specimen. The slide was viewed through the 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives and all observations were recorded in the tables below. Exercise 2&3: Observationof yogurt and blood. The yogurt and blood slides were prepared as described in the Labpaq manual. The slides were observed using the 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives and all observations were recorded in the tables below. Observations/Results: Exercise 1 SampleObservations Part 1Part 2 150x600x1500x (Oil Immersion) Amoeba proteus Anabaena Ascaris Eggs â€Å"e† slide Paramecium Penicillium w/conidia Yeast Yogurt bacteria Exercise 2 & 3 SampleObservations 150X600x1500x Ex 2: Fresh Yogurt Ex 3: Blood Smear Photos/Drawings: (Insert and label images here. If image file (JPEG or GIF) sizes are too large they may be uploaded separately.) Analysis/Interpretation: Based on the observations detailed above, it can be concluded that the microscope is a powerful tool in the observation of organisms that are small in size. It was important to have a number of objectives of different magnifying power in order to be able to discern the level of magnification needed to best study a sample. In addition, the examination of the yogurt sample allowed for the observation of the varying shapes and arrangement of bacterial cells. The use of a microscope to observe the blood smear highlighted the many important components of human blood that are not evident by the naked eye. Application: In performing this experiment I have learned many important aspects of microbiology that apply to healthcare. First, there is plenty of information that can be discovered by looking at a sample under the microscope †¦ size, arrangement, number of organism. For example, this information can be utilized in making an initial identification on a patient sample in a hospital laboratory. Second, some microorganisms can be  beneficial such as those bacteria that can be cultured from yogurt. Furthermore, these microorganisms can also be used to build back a healthy population of intestinal bacteria in patients who have recently been taking antibiotics. Answers to the LabPaq Questions 1) Questions A. Identifythe following parts of the microscope and describe the functionof each. a. Ocular- eyepiece transmits and magnifies the image form the objective lens to the eye. b.Body/tube-holds the eyepiece at proper distance from the objective lens and blocks light. c.Nosepiece- rotating mount that hold objective lens. d.Objective Lens- gathers light for the specimen. e.Mechanical Stage- holds the specimen. f.Apeture diaphragm control/disc- alters the amount of light that reaches the condenser. g.Lamp- produces the light. h.Coarse focus knob-brings objects into focal point of the objective lens. i.Fine focus knob- makes fine adjustments to focus the image. j.Arm-holds all of the optical parts at a distance and aligns them. k.Clips-hold the specimen still on the stage. l.Base- supports the weight of all the microscope parts. Define the following microscopy terms: Focus: positions the objective lens at the proper distance from the specimen. Resolution: Ability for the lens to show fine details of the object being observed. Contrast: The darkness of the back ground relative to the specimen. B. What is the purpose of immersion oil? To direct the light from the microscope directly to the slide and stop it from refracting. It creats a finer resolution and brightness. Exercise 2: Observing Bacteria Cultures in Yogurt Questions A. Describe your observations of the fresh yogurt slide. B. Were there observable differences between your fresh yogurt slide and the prepared yogurt slide? If so, explain. C. Describe the four main bacterial shapes. Cocci – oval or spherical shaped. Bacillus – are rod shaped. Spirillum – are thick, rigid spirals. Vibrio – are curved or a comma shaped rod. D. What are the common arrangements of bacteria? Diplo – oval shaped, found in pairs. Strepto – are cocci that arange into chains. Staphylo – are cocci that are arranged into irregular clusters, similar to grapes. E. Were you able to identify specific bacterial morphologies on either yogurt slide? If so, which types? Exercise 3: Preparing andObservingaBloodSlide Questions A. Describe the cells you were able to see in the blood smear. B. Are the cells you observed in your blood smear different than the bacterial cells you have observed? Why or why not?

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Children properly Essay

Also it made the people in Britain more aware of what living conditions were like in the cities, foster parents were appalled at the state of the children they were looking after. This quote from source E shows how the foster parents were shocked at the children’s behaviour. â€Å"The children went round the house urinating on the walls, they stank the place to high heaven†.  Evacuation could also be seen as a success as some of the children had a positive experience in the countryside, they saw it as an adventure. Source D shows evacuees at bath time, and although the baths are crowded, all the children are smiling and look as though they are enjoying themselves. From my own knowledge I know that Eric Buchanan enjoyed his stay with his foster family, the quote â€Å"It was marvellous† shows how he thought it was wonderful being in the countryside.  Another advantage of evacuation was that it freed women up so they could help with the war work.  Evacuation can also be seen as a failure for the following reasons.  The organisation wasn’t very good as parents didn’t know where their children were and the quote â€Å"we hadn’t the slightest idea where we was going† from source C shows how the children didn’t know themselves where they were going. Many of the children had a bad experience during their evacuation. One example is Michael Cane. The quote â€Å"we came out of the cupboard and the woman hit us with a tennis racket† shows how some children were abused by their foster parents. Also some of the foster parents just did it for the money and didn’t bother to look after the children properly.  Another example of pore organisation was the fact that the children were split from their families, their siblings would often be on the other side of the countryside and the children may have never seen their families again. Some of the foster parents had not been prepared for the state in which the evacuees were. They were shocked at the state they were in and didn’t know how to cope. Two examples of this are source E and source F. The quote from source E â€Å"filthy habit of the children† and the quote from source F â€Å"common view of evacuees† show how the children were perceived as filthy, dirty and horrid children.  As a conclusion to this, I don’t think evacuation was a great success as they did not achieve a lot of what they wanted to achieve, a lot of the children had bad experiences, it was poorly organised and many of the foster parents didn’t care about how they treated their children.

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Castaway Essay

Isolation and being alone is a phobia of many. Ann Burden, from Z for Zachariah, and Chuck Noland, from Cast Away, were faced with a life of isolation. Ann and Chuck dealt with their isolation differently, with different situations and circumstances. When arguing who was better off, it is important to analyse and compare the food, shelter, resources and companionship each character had. With the variety, convenient and nutritional value of food the characters had, Ann had the better of the two situations. Ann had a large variety of food; she could get flour, sugar, tinned meat and similar items from the Klein’s store. She used these items to made cakes and other products. Ann collected eggs from the chickens and later on she used chickens as meat. She also had cows that she could collect milk from; she used the milk for butter and also for other foods. Ann could also grow her own food; she had land to grow many crops such as; peas tomatoes, beets, potatoes, beans and other fruit and veggies. Ann thought of ways to maximize the use of the land. For example Ann states what she is thinking in her diary when she wrote, â€Å"I planned to fertilize the corn and the soy beans and pea-beans, which were now up† (Page 126). This shows that she thought how she could get the most out of her crops. She had an uncontaminated pond where she could collect fish and fresh water. With all these food sources, Ann had no reason to work hard for food. As opposed to Chuck who had to hunt and gather his food Chuck also only had a small variety of food. Chuck only had Coconuts flesh and milk and seafood (crabs and fish). With the situation that both characters had in terms of food, Ann was better off. With Chuck suddenly being isolated in a new, unknown place and Ann still living in the valley, Ann had much better shelter then Chuck. Ann had many different types of shelter. She had her house that her and her family lived in, the church, a tree with a large hollow trunk, the Klein’s store and living quarters above the store, the barn and shed. Ann also had a small cave in the mountains that was useful many times in the book, for especially when Mr. Loomis arrived in the valley. The time that she is most thankful for the cave is when Mr. Loomis started to act strange. Ann stated this the first time he acted strange, writing this in her diary on the 30th of June, â€Å"I am living in the cave again, and I am glad now that never told Mr. Loomis about it or where it was† (Page 126). Ann had many different types of shelter compared to Chuck. Chuck had very little shelter. Also the shelter was only the lifeboat, which is not very useful and broke within the first few days. Also chuck had a cove but it was small with minimal space, making it difficult to move around in. So it’s clear that Ann had better shelter compared to Chuck. Both Chuck and Ann had many resources; both of them had different type of resources, but had had more useful resources. Ann had very useful resources, such as a gun and bullets, to use for protection. She had a tractor and petrol that was used for farming, such as ploughing, fertilising and transportation. She also had natural resources such as a pond for water, fruit trees also many animals such as cows and chickens and land to cultivate. Ann also had the Klein’s store, in the store there was food, clothing, candles, matches and many other resources. In her house, she had many resources such as laundry tub, stove and lots of bedding. Finally when Mr. Loomis came, he brought a safe suit, the suit could withstand radiation. A Geiger counter, that measured the amount of radiation in the air. Finally a tent that can also withstand radiation, all of these are also helpful resources. On the other hand, Chuck had very little resources. He had packages that he opened. In the packages he found ice skates that he used as rope and knife, a volley ball, which became a companion, a dress, video rapes, paper, bubble wrap and cardboard. Chuck also had natural resources on the island such as rocks, trees, shells and leaves. This show that Ann had better and also more resources compared to Chuck. With both characters with minimal companionship, it was hard to deal with the loneliness but Ann had it better off. For the first year that Ann was alone, she only had the radio for a short amount of time, telling her what has happened out of her town. Her diary was used to keep track of what events happened and the animals that broke the silence. When Mr. Loomis came Ann was excited, but scared that someone was still alive. Throughout the book their friendship changes, it has its ups and down. In the end, she wishes that Mr. Loomis had never come. On the other hand, Chuck had no human companionship. He only had a volleyball that he made into a face and named it Wilson, a whale when he was floating in the sea and a photo of Kelly, his girlfriend. Ann didn’t have better companionship to Chuck, even though Chuck didn’t have human companionship he was close to the ball. It is clear that Ann was in a much better position compared to Chuck. She had better food, with more variety and convenience, more and safer shelter, greater and more reliable resources. Even though her companionship wasn’t the best, her living conditions were much better. If their isolation was long term, Ann would be in a more sustainable position.

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Week 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Week 2 - Assignment Example â€Å"war game† situation in which the enemy (Red Team) attempts to hack and infiltrate its information system either to get some valuable data or destroy its enemys data to render it useless and make the enemy incapable of any coherent response. It is an exercise in assessing a capability to respond to an attack. The Red Team attacks a designated enemys information security systems to test its own capability of carrying out an attack and also to test the ability of the Blue Team to defend against such an attack (Mejia, 2008, para. 2). While merely simulated, there is great value in an exercise like this because it allows both teams and the top management people to think of entire network security and see it in a wholistic manner rather than be bogged down in parochial interests. The Red Team thinks like an outsider and looks for any vulnerabilities they can exploit in the existing information security system infrastructure of their designated target. The Blue Team defending is also benefited because it learns of security holes in the system and becomes alert and vigilant. In a larger sense, the Red Team is more valuable because it can give top management people warning to not be complacent or take things for granted and so any flaws discovered in this exercise must be fixed immediately. This is similar to the white hat versus black hat exercises in which black hats are the hackers and white hats are the defenders (Bokotey et al., 2003, p. 432). Mejia, R. (2008, April 27). â€Å"Red team, blue team: How to run an effective simulation.† Network World. Retrieved August 14, 2014 from

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HR Cases Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HR Cases - Case Study Example As a director, I should not ignore Fred’s frustration as it could pass on to others or have a more detrimental effect on Fred’s performance and/or performance of the team. In order to address Fred’s discontent and attitude, I would first evaluate his performance and provide a feedback about his behavior. I would acknowledge his contribution and appreciate his efforts. Along with Joan, I will chalk out a plan that would include additional responsibilities for Fred which will also help in preparing him for the next level of promotion. This will keep him motivated and focused towards the task. I will chalk out a plan for his future and set expectations along with a performance monitoring process. It is very difficult to retain an employee who has decided to move on. Retention of employees should be an ongoing process by constantly keeping them motivated and having an understanding of their needs and expectations. In the present situation, in order to retain Ezra, I would offer him with additional responsibilities in the managerial cadre which will keep him motivated. I would make a commitment that Ezra’s profile for the next opening in managerial position would definitely be considered. Although the educational aid programs have been very helpful in enhancing the process performance, I feel this program should be provided to employees in recognition of their valuable contribution to the organization for specific period of time. Moreover, a commitment from employees receiving such benefit should be taken which will ensure that the company is recovering its investment. This commitment can be in the form of a contractual agreement or bound by money and/or other benefits provided to the employee. The bank would require attendance details of Wittman and other employees of this department. It would also require the log-in

C & C Grocery Stores Case Analysis Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

C & C Grocery Stores Case Analysis - Article Example Recent structure of C&C also fails to change its environment, i.e. stores that are in sub urban areas are similar to those that are present in low income areas. New systems for supply and chain management were not yet implemented in stores. The friendly and informal environment that is created by the Doug Cummins in C&C was disregarded and therefore the within stores the cooperation get worsened. For instance an issue takes place in Louisiana store between store manager and grocery merchandiser when they decide to improve Diet Coke and Coke as a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers. But the cooperation among these was poor and result in lack of preparation and communication led to their unwilling to cooperate regarding where the Coke can be displayed by the store manager. These issues could be resolved by powering the store manager in order to coordinate effectively in the stores. By doing this the cooperation would increase as the store manager got the authority and power to change whatever he or she requires for the sales improvement. This power would also increase the satisfaction of the store manager and they run their store in a profitable manner, and also can get training they require for their promotion as well as improvement of store. From my perspective I believe the new structure as much effective. This structure allows distinct responsibility areas and management. However, in the previous structure the name of responsible person was hard to determine, because whenever the store fails and the store manager is blamed he only talk about the way he desire to do something but can’t do the same way he wants because of meat/produce reject that by saying that it was not for their benefit. This issue is one of the core issues of the old structure, and it is entirely eliminated in the recent

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How to deal with the prostitution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

How to deal with the prostitution - Essay Example One reason states pass laws is to prevent and/or punish activities that are harmful. Decriminalizing prostitution would, in essence, be saying that it does not cause harm, and so is a private matter and not one the state can or should intervene in. Prostitution does cause harm, though, to the prostitute and to society as a whole. Prostitutes are at risk for assault, rape and other violent crimes (reference), sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV and Hepatitis C) and posttraumatic stress. (Destiny's End). Societal costs are difficult to measure, but include the spread of disease and effects on families. Prostitution is also linked to sex trafficking, and a recent State Department brief said that prostitution, "fuel(s) the growth of modern-day slavery by providing a faade behind which traffickers for sexual exploitation operate." Regulating prostitution does not prevent the harm it causes. Proponents of regulation say that regulation will prevent the spread of disease, make for safer working conditions and reduce sex trafficking and child prostitution. (Raymond). Criminalizing prostitution does have a negative effect on prostitutes because prostitutes, not the pimps or the johns, are the ones who suffer.

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Child Labour in Third World Countries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Child Labour in Third World Countries - Essay Example In 2002, the U.S. Congress passed legislation ordering the Department of Labour's Bureau of International Labour Affairs to study the relationship between education and military expenditure in countries where child labour is recognized to be particularly common. The word child labour in general refers to any economic activity carried out by someone not above the age of 15. Not all work done by children is harmful or manipulative. Child labour does not normally refer to part-time work after school or rightful internship opportunities for young people. Nor does it refer to adolescent people helping out in the family business or on the family farm. Rather, the "child labour" of concern is general employment that prevents children from getting education, and which is often performed under conditions dangerous to the physical and mental health of the child. The International Labour Organization, or the ILO, defines child labour as "some types of work" done by children under the age of 18. The ILO also says that child labour includes full-time work done by children under 15 years of age that prevents them from going to school (getting an education), or that is dangerous to their health. More complete definitions of what child labour is in regard, age restrictions, job types, and exceptions can be found in convention 138, convention 182, and the convention on the rights of the child. (Child Labour) Other sources and organizations disagree on what child labour is. Some utter that it is merely perilous work or work that obstruct with a child's education, while others are broader and include any work done by children working for compensation. Some organizations, such as UNICEF draw a line between child labour and child work, which can consist of light work done by children above the age of 12. Child Labour in the Fashion Industry There are no reliable statistics on the rate of child employment in any particular economic activity, including the fashion industry. Most information on child labour in the garment industry comes from eyewitness accounts, studies by non -governmental organizations (NGOs) and academicians, reports by journalists, and studies by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Unreliable information obtained during the preparation of this report indicates that in some of the countries examined, fewer children could currently be working on garment exports for the U.S. market than two years ago. A striking example involves Bangladesh, where great numbers of children worked in garment factories as lately as 1994. Worldwide media attention and intimidation of boycotts and cancelled work orders led to the dismissal of thousands of child workers from the garment sector unfortunately without any backup support for them. Thus, it is possible that in the lack of government programs to help the children, the abrupt discharge of child workers can put them in danger, rather than protect them. More research is required so that governments, industry, international organizations, and others apprehensive of the welfare of children are better capable of designing suitable programs. It is obvious, though, those local and national assurances to collective and free education for children are instant and optimistic steps which can and should be taken. One cause for any possible downward

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Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Religion - Essay Example Many Indians also died while being forced to relocate, a sanitized way to refer to the ethnic cleansing of tribes which were formerly located in the area east of the Mississippi River. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 mandated the relocation of many tribes, predominantly the Cherokee Nation which allowed for a ‘whites only’ America in what constituted the majority of what was the U.S. at that time. The Indian Removal Act was a priority of the President Andrew Jackson administration but was passed only following a contentious four month congressional debate. The Act gave Jackson the authority to negotiate treaties with eastern Indians who wished to retain their sovereignty and relocate west of the Mississippi. However, the Act also allowed those Indians wanting to stay in their home land in the east full U.S. citizenship rights. At that time, most Americans could not conceive the country ever extending west of the Mississippi. According to the Act, relocation was meant to be on a voluntary basis, no individual or tribe was to be forced from their home. The Indian Nations in the southeast did not want to be citizens or leave consequently Jackson used military force against these tribes. Much of the general public assumed that removing Indians was beneficial to them. â€Å"Removal would save Indian people from the depredations of whites and would resettle them in an area where t hey could govern themselves in peace† (â€Å"Indian Removal†, 2007). However, some believed the removal policy was just another excuse for Jackson to exercise his long-standing sadistic and inhumane treatment of the native people and vocally objected against this policy. Among those opposed to the Removal Act were Daniel Webster of dictionary fame, many ministers and Davy Crockett whose passionate opposition to this government policy and his support of the Cherokee Nation cost him his Congressional seat. According to Crockett in response to his

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Friendship Essay Example for Free

Friendship Essay In our society, no one can live without friends. It would be a lonely and bored life without friend. Life becomes more beautiful when we have friends. But what is friendship? Different life experiences make up different meanings of friendship for different people. I believe a friend can share our happiness and sorrow and is always with us to solve our problems and make us happy. Friendship is about action, not a state of mind. A friend can support us while we are on the right path and can have the courage to stand in front of you when you are in the wrong way. Our friendships change while we grow up, especially for teenagers. The teenage years are a time of physical, emotional, and social growth and change. As teenagers, we all want to make friends. When we are younger, our parents control us. We do not have time to make our own friends. As we grow up, our parents give us more free time. We start to make our own friends and hang out with them. I have many friends. One of them is Joana Rose Nacional, Joana for short. She was born on October 27, 1999. Her parents are Evelyn and Godofredo Nacional. She is a fine girl of fair complexion with straight brown hair flowing on her head. She has two beautiful eyes and a well set nose. Her weight which is 50 kilograms is really more than mine. She’s more healthy than I am, and she loves food. In fact, she likes â€Å"sinigang na baboy†, her mother’s lasagna, pastel de lengua, lengua estofado, ice cream and chocolates. Her favorite colors are green, blue, and red. Her favorite books are Harry Potter, Tuesdays with Morrie, and others. Her favorite kind of clothes are those with a touch of Korean and American fashion. Her favorite symbol is a star because, according to her, she wants to shine at the darkest part of other people’s life. Her favorite subjects are Grammar Composition and Mathematics. As a big KPOP fan, her favorite celebrities are those of Korean ethics. She descirbes herself as Religious. Her ambitions in life are to be a lawyer or a graduate in Engineering or Chemical Engineering. All she wishes for are to go to Korea ,meet her favorite KPOP artists and get to live with them, travel around the world, have a successful life, and most importantly, have a peaceful and happy life with her family. Most of us may make friends and are very careful of whom we choose. We choose friends as we grow up because we start to realize what true friends are. We have more experiences in life. We know what kind of friends we need. Friends never fade away, in fact, they grow better with time. Friendship comes so rarely, and without it, we are lost. Whatever happens, we should keep our friends close to our heart, tell them how they are important to us and not let them slip away. If they do, go out and get them back.

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Developing An Effective Management And Leadership Commerce Essay

Developing An Effective Management And Leadership Commerce Essay Leadership and management efforts are crucial to the development of business strategies of companies. Basically, a lot of companies turned to bankruptcy not only because of the environmental factors but because they neglected leadership and management efforts (Hormozi, Hostetler, Middleton, 2003). With this, OSIM was chosen due to the steady growth of the company from humble beginnings as a kitchen appliance trading company to its global footprint-having a wide point of sales network (OSIM Ltd., 2011). This made the company an exciting and interesting case study. Furthermore, in view of the current economic climate where businesses are failing and where competitors are aggressive, it is important to understand from the business trend whether OSIM is capable to meet to the future challenges. As the industry expects more competition and the entry of more players, it would be interesting to see how well prepared the company is both financially and strategically to reinforce its global presence and continue to be the market leader in this industry. Corporate Profile, Mission, Vision and Goals of OSIM  [1]   OSIM International Ltd was believed a global leader in healthy lifestyle products. The company was originally founded by Ron Sim in Singapore in 1980 (OSIM Ltd., 2011). During that time OSIM was under the name of R Sim Trading, an electrical and household appliance company (OSIM Ltd., 2011). Using their small start-up capital, the company engages with the promotion of household products such as knife sharpeners, knife and mobile clothes drying rods. Apparently, in 1989, the company listed with the name Health Check and Care, and later on shifted their main focus to healthy lifestyle products. The time following this created great development for the company, and it manages to produce outlets in Indonesia, Malaysia and in Hong Kong (AsiaPulse News, 2002). The companys vision was to become the global leader in healthy life style products whereas their mission was to challenge the spirit of their clients. The goal of the company was to bring the healthy lifestyle to their consumers (Business Times-Malaysia, 2003 and New Straits Times, 2003). Financial Standing  [2]   In Figure 1, the OSIM International Ltds 2009 revenues grew by 1% from 62% in 2008 to 63% in 2009. This is also created significant increase in terms of selling, general and administrative costs resulting to the decline of the net income from a gain of 21% in 2008 to a gain of 5% in 2009. From the record of OSIMs balance sheet (see Appendix), the company actually suffers from profit decline due to the effect of global recession (Offers Style: New OSIM Store Now Open, 2004). Figure 1. OSIMs Profit and Turnover Source: Osim International Ltd., 2009 As seen in Figure 1, the 2007 and 2009 performance is expressive compared in 2008. From these results, we can deviate that OSIM was not performing well in 2008 as compared to their expressive 2007 and 2009. Despite of some downturns in 2008 due to the global business crisis, the year 2010 shows interesting trend. From the gathered information, it is expected that in 2010 both the revenue and net income of OSIM will be constantly moving upward (See Appendix for complete details). OSIMs PESTLE Analysis Political Conditions political influences include government stability, taxation policy, foreign trade regulations and social welfare policies (Davies, Lam, 2001). The political situation of Hong Kong is very stable now or even in the knowing future, all of these are provided by its stable and high visibility law (CIA Worldfact 2011). This will assure OSIM and other foreign businesses that the political condition of Hong Kong will help them to have a stable operation in area. Actually, the corruption-free government with score 8.4 in transparency index, excellent political condition and highly developed and competent infrastructure of Hong Kong have caught the attention of investments from more than 7,000 multinational corporations from the United States, Japan, and Europe (Transparency International, 2010). Economics- Hong Kong is an attractive market for medical home care technology makers and the newest trends. The opening of OSIM and the growth of medical home care technologies is supporting the demand for health services in Hong Kong. OSIM does not worry that the legislation could severely set back their most effective marketing (New Straits Times, 2003). Actually, Hong Kong is a highly developed and successful free-market economy. As of 2010 Economic Indicators, the CPI or the consumer price index of Hong Kong is 128 with Annual Inflation Rate of 0.45 (CIA Worldfact, 2011). Hong Kong has also 4.3% (2010 est.) unemployment rate with the GDP of $224.1 billion (2010 est.) (CIA Worldfact, 2011). Actually, Hong Kong enjoys an outstandingly open and corruption-free background, stable prices, and a per capita GDP higher than that of most developed countries. The economy depends heavily on exports, particularly in consumer electronics, information technology products, pharmaceuticals, and on a growing financial services sector (CIA Worldfact, 2011). Real GDP growth averaged 2.3% in 2008, but contracted -2.7% in 2009 as a result of the global financial crisis but in 2010 an expressive 6.8% was computed (CIA Worldfact, 2011). As seen, there are lot of foreign businesses found in almost all sectors of the economy of Hong Kong. Basically, more than two-thirds of manufacturing contribution and direct export sales are provided by foreign business, although there are services sectors that remain ruled by government-linked businesses (CIA Worldfact, 2011). Social cultural In terms of social aspect, OSIM is quite in advantage in Hong Kong considering that the standards of living of people in destinations served by OSIM is good and most of them have the capacity to pay for their home healthcare technology needs. However, OSIM still needs to consider the tastes and lifestyles of people especially, their willingness to buy technology-based home care products (New Straits Times, 2004) since Hong Kong consumers could prefer traditional medicine or Chinese physician rather than high tech equipment. But because of the advent of new technologies in any setting, this is a good timing for OSIM to grab the opportunity (Barton, Newell, Wilson, 2002). The nature of its workforce is also part of external environment of OSIM whereas the Hong Kong citizen are able to cope with the changes implemented in OSIM. Technological Today, e-business has become an integral part of operations in any business industry, with ultimate objectives of not only achieving cost saving but also generating additional revenue (Hormozi, Hostetler, Middleton, 2003). Beyond to enhance their current product line, their further investment should be focus on improving and incorporating appropriate new technology. In Hong Kong, OSIM implemented and ambitious to become Asias leading Home Health-care products manufacturer and distributor. Legal As with any other business industry of the world, there are rules and regulations that restrict or support the facilitation of the business in the Home Health-care products market in the areas where OSIM operates (New Straits Times, 2004). Environmental There are currently no major environmental issues faced by the OSIM in Hong Kong considering that Home Health-care products are not only good for people but also to our environment (New Straits Times, 2004). OSIMs SWOT Analysis With respect to the given information in the company website, the following presentation will show the SWOT analysis of OSIM. Actually, SWOT analysis can provide a framework for identifying and analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat (Feist, Heely, Lu, Nersesian, 1999). Adapted from: TOWS Matrix From the SWOT presented the TOWS matrix for OSIMs operation in Hong Kong is made. External Opportunities (O) External Threats (T) 1. Improve and increase the market of the business 2. Growth of the companys subsidiaries. 3. Increased customer loyalty. 4. International consumer reach through the use of e-commerce or internet marketing 1. Emergence of highly competitive company. 2. Economic downturn. 3. Escalating prices of main materials and products. Internal Strengths (S) SO Focus on various promotion strategies to improve market. Offering excellent products to achieve customer loyalty and excellent customer association ST Strong reputation and resources of OSIM to draw industrial knowledge which can perk up customers confidence in considering product. Consideration of joint venture and sustainable merger and acquisition to improve and expand market portfolio in other parts of the globe. Enhancing home healthcare products and services to meet the need of the target market. 1. Good Customer relationship 2. Diversified products and services offered to different customers in the international contexts Internal Weaknesses (W) WO Managing financial resource effectively to minimise weaknesses Improving customer reach by joining various business ventures. WT Applying strategic management structure to gain shareholders and stakeholders trusts Investing in information technology infrastructure Enhancing brand loyalty though customer satisfaction. 1. Inability to manage financing sources 2. Limited access to international markets. Adopted from: Porters Five Forces of OSIM A Five-Force model (Ali, 1993) was conducted in the context of the global home health care industry . Despite being a market leader, OSIM is not yet resting on its laurels of success, but instead, continuously innovating and developing their company in order to maintain what it has managed to achieve up to this time. The following identifies the five forces of OSIM: Industry Competitors- In the global business industry, regulatory and technological changes are the major factors, making ingrained reasonable strategies outdated and controls the creation and progress of new products, strategies, processes, and public policies in the industry (Leuz, Pfaff, Hopwood, 2004). Basically, there are numerous home health care players in the industry, included in the list is OSIM, who strive for market leadership in all their business aspects. As such, the level of industry competition is very stiff and very aggressive. Potential Entrants- Natural barriers to entry in the global home health care industry include the need for capital investment, human resources, and technology and the importance of economies of scale. It also includes the role of contracting costs avoided by a close relationship between the vendor and its client, which in turn is related to the avoidance of opportunistic behaviour by either party. Buyers Home health-care products have a long historya history rich in product diversity, international scope, and, above all, continuous change and adaptation. These competitive changes have forced adaptations, and in general have improved the level and efficiency offer to clients, thereby increasing transactional volume. Coupled with these, the customers have become informed concerning home-health care products that OSIM-like companies offer. Suppliers- The suppliers to this industry are mainly the providers of technology and materials in home health-care firms use in the conduct of their businesses. Substitutes -There is a high level of substitutes for the healthy and lifestyle products industry, evidenced by the numerous numbers of major players in the global market. The cost to transfer to another beauty firm is also relatively low, so the substitution rate is pretty high. Grand Strategy Matrix Adapted from: In terms of grand differentiation strategy of the company, OSIM belong to the market in which the growth was slow. However, the company was the leading business in this industry that defines their strong competitive position. Differentiation Strategy In order to place OSIM as a leader in Home Healthcare Products, there should be a so-called differentiation strategy that clearly identifies why OSIM is different from other brands. The differentiation strategy of OSIM was based on their: Wide experience in home health care market as they have been in the business for almost 42 years now, their directors can consider their experience in operating venture as strength (OSIM Ltd., 2011). Reasonable price offerings of products and services- since they able to keep their overheads low, this allows them to have better control of their prices. This is considered strength because naturally, people would look for a reasonably-priced place to stay in that equally do not sacrifice service and product quality (OSIM Ltd., 2011). Already has developed a good reputation for value for money since they have been operating for great number of years, they already have built a name for themselves, attracting a number of loyal customers along the way (OSIM Ltd., 2010). Good industry skills the directors of different divisions of OSIM are natural for the business that they ventured into, both being outgoing and friendly, the most important public relation skills that clients look for (OSIM Ltd., 2011). The Boston Consulting Group Approach (BCG Matrix) There are 9 important business units for the OSIM, which are grouped according to the city or country that their operation is located: Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, UAE and USA. Figure 1 BCG Matrix Adapted from: Cash Cow a business element that has a great market share in a fully grown and slow growing industry. Thus, it requires a small investment and produces cash that can be used in other business (QuickMBA 2007). Malaysia is the only business unit that was included in the said category. This is because OSIM is considered as one of the most prominent and famous home health-care products distributor. Above all, one of the most important aspects to be considered is the number of competitors in the country. Star a business element that has a huge market share in a swift rising business. This business unit generates cash, however, due to the rapid growth of the market, they require investment in order maintain the lead of a specific company (QuickMBA 2007). Hong Kong and Singapore are the two business units which included in the said category. OSIM is considered as one of the first home health care products manufacturer and distributor in the world, particularly in Hong Kong and Singapore. Because of that, OSIM had been able to gain competitive advantage, in terms of image towards the Chinese, Singaporeans and foreign visitors. However, because of the growing economy of the said cities, it had resulted to the growing number of players in the industry, thus pushed OSIM Hong Kong and Singapore to focus on different strategic plan and implementation that will maintain their competitive advantage. Question Mark or Problem Child a business component that has a little market share in a lofty increasing market. A problem child requires resources in order to grow market share, however, the fact if they will be successful and become stars is not sure (QuickMBA 2007). Canada, China and Indonesia are the three business units that were included in the said category. In China, OSIM has a small share in the market because of the extensive competition, primarily from the local players in the area. The said situation is the same in Canada. On the other hand, the OSIM was included in the said category because; the hotel was one of the newly developed hotels of the group. Dog a business component that has a little market share in a grown-up industry. UAE, Taiwan and USA are three of business units that belong to the said category. The reason behind the said analysis is because of the fact that UAE, Taiwan and USA are considered as three of the most prominent cities in the world. Thus, there are different huge companies that have already started their operations in there. Although it is important to consider that a dog may not required substantial cast, it is connected to the capital that could be better be deployed elsewhere, however in the case of the OSIM UAE, Taiwan and USA, it is considered as strategic purpose of the group in order to introduce their brand in the West and some parts of Asia. OSIMs Leadership: Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) OSIM OMRON SANYO Critical Success Factors Weight Rating Weighted Score Rating Weighted Score Rating Weighted Score Market share 0.30 3 0.90 2 0.60 2 0.60 Price Competitiveness 0.25 4 1.00 3 0.75 3 0.75 Financial position 0.20 3 0.60 3 0.60 2 0.40 Product quality 0.10 2 0.20 2 0.20 3 0.30 Consumer loyalty 0.15 3 0.45 2 0.30 3 0.45 Total 1.00 3.15 2.45 2.50 Adapted from: With regards to competitive profile matrix, OSIM became a leader and surpasses their top competitors OMRON and Sanyo. Actually, OSIM leads the victory in terms of market share and price competitiveness. The said key factors are OSIMs edge against their competitors considering that their primary markets are located in Singapore, Hong Kong and currently no company poses a significant threat to them as a major competitor (Osim International Ltd. 2009). The company believed that they have the have a competitive edge over their competitors in their primary markets as their extensive distribution network of outlets is dedicated to home health-care products. As part of the business development of the company, they currently exercise the full power over their point-of-sales system and utter to the distribution chain how to sell and not only what to sell (Osim International Ltd. 2009). Furthermore, OSIM also control their supply chain, from the design of the products up to the distribution an d marketing of the products. In general, the company considers Sanyo and Omron as their competitors. Overall Recommendation for Future Development For the success and future development of OSIM, it is recommended that internal condition must be considered. Basically, the most important to consider was the human factor as it is the heart thats drive the company. Having the right culture and people to create conducive environment, and be lead by strong visionary leaders and champion management that capable to manage its people and process. The external condition on the other hand, as shown in the PESTLE analysis must be also considered. With strong and stable external environment will contribute for the need to change strategic option. Furthermore, the full support from our Group and re-alignment with our other Hub is important without it its impossible to achieve the vision and mission. In terms of financial aspect all strategic option should involve financial investment that in term will bring cost benefit and growth. Especially in its market development by acquisition potential BPO that is more desirable and can bring in capit al and value to OSIM. Apparently, in order to cope with the change the organization structure also need to realign and change. Especially in its organic growth, where having the right type of people and culture is the key to success. It structure management is important to execute the strategic option. Moreover, external market trend is more into technology with faster and reliable system. With high speed connectivity the market had been more competing and broaden it market widely. As seen each strategic option has very own risk but with stern control and better risk management can mitigate any potential risk and minimize the impact. For continues success of the company, OSIM must also consider change management that will be the potential barrier since OSIM is still in it comfort zone. By doing an organisational development and learning it can identify the risk and overcome the barrier of change. OSIM is passionate with customer importance and makes every effort to be an all-weather umbrella to its clients, by considering diverse strategies for varying situations. It had to branch out in order to equate revenue and expenditure, reduce risk and stay profitable, with an equal importance in its ability to anticipate change. The business of OSIM has begun a strategy of major expansion and growth with one clear objective, which is to establish themselves as one of the worlds top distributor of Home Health care products, and these strategies are based around a philosophy of organic growth and a transition towards becoming a client-oriented business. With this detail, the business must go on to find innovative software programs and relate effectively to other companies that produce these software programs to become updated with the latest improvement in the World Wide Web. The business must economically and efficiently generate a good connection with their clientele and shareholders, to incessantly operate. OSIM must constantly conceptualise and execute good projects to be able to set trends in the industry. Apart from developing business strategies, the business have to focus on building employee and customer associations, in harmony to strategic management concepts, for it is necessary to establish and focus on the needs of the clientele, as clientele are the motive for being alive in the business. In the end, businesses engaged so much in technology has its share of good and bad impacts, socially, economically and even environmentally. In addition, it has to be noted that retailing of home health care products is not one industry but many. Hence, the achievement of sustainable special intention business or its continual development for the collective benefits of the world, may therefore depend on a change in strategy and planning of the industry in order to identify common ground more easily, and to exploit further returns without sacrificing the one that lays the golden egg, in manner of speaking. All said, future research may have to focus on participatory planning involving business, governments, host communities and campaigners with a greater view to common ground. OSIMs Leadership and Management: An Evaluation In this project, I learned I lot of things when it comes to leadership, management and handling a business. I learned that to sustain the development of a certain business, they should not only frequently review the value of portfolio but also the overall business practices and movement in the global market. To become a global leader, businesses should positioned on fast-growing chances, whether geologically or through market segment by selecting and investment in businesses with long-term tail-wind profiles. In reflecting OSIMs case, there are numerous business management and leadership strategies that can be use in order to maintain business progress and development. All these efforts are conducted to ensure that the welfare of the business organization is preserved along with aims and goals toward sustainable organizational success and development. The fact remains that there are always unexpected as well as unintended risk environments that cannot be controlled by the members of the management executives and staff of business organizations. As such it is important to consider the faculty, benefits as well as advantages of implementing and utilizing strategic management, tools and techniques. At the level and global hazards present in the current business market environments, it is wise to ensure that the image and overall well-being of the business organization is constantly protected. These are possible through strategic use and application of company policies from which the company will benefit. I also learned in this project that the business process and practice in terms of business management strategies clearly indicated the importance of management in averting and entirely preventing detrimental business chaos that economies may bring to business organizations. In the case of OSIM, it is evident that strategic management are highly influential in the formulation of business strategies. It was taken into account that any business and financial endeavour that will be implemented by business organizations should be assessed and evaluated using the existing company policies that are greatly influenced by the precautionary management. Conclusion The strategies of OSIM focus more on the management and access of information rather the creation of irrelevant services and products. For this reason, OSIM has developed a unique set of guiding principles simplicity, cost-efficiency and effectiveness. Total commitment to these principles makes the products of OSIM very user-friendly to its customers. OSIM was able to attain and extensive market leadership through various acquisition deals over the years even there is a stiff competition in the market. The strategies of OSIM are focused mostly on powerful growth of its home health care products and services and getting better the companys financial feat. These innovations have also helped protected major acquisitions and partnerships. Significantly, these innovations have guided to the discharge of the potentials of the companys workforce, thus creating an excellence performance-based background. On the other hand, OSIMs strategies in the home health care and technology industry enhanced at the beginning of the new millennium and commenced on trailing and inventing products differentiation. With this, the differentiated home health care products of OSIM were able to please the customers and sustain their needs in accordance to the context of sustainable competitive advantage. This also justified that the bargaining power of their customer is high while the treat of their substitute and new entrant is low because of their extensive efforts in maintaining the quality of their products. Moreover, this allowed OSIM to review and decrease the prices of their products and as an alternative focused on the values that produced not only a moderately higher price but also a improved margin since these things could help to avoid business downfall.

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Conventional and Organic food :: Food Safety, Legal Issues, Organic Farming

Introduction: In recent years, the food industry has seen a significant increase in the demand for organically grown foods over the alternative choice of conventionally grown food. In 1990, the revenue spent on organic foods was a mere $1 billion, in 2008 sales soared to $21.1 billion, and in 2009, sales reached the highest ever at $26.6 billion (Crinnion 4).The significant increase in demand can be attributed to the common belief that organic foods are overall healthier for human health, and the health of our environment (Crinnon 4). In addition to the concerns over health, there has been a significant rise in concern about how our food is produced and the impact it has on our environment and our economy. The organic food industry has re-implemented the primitive process of growing food; before the corporate companies took over our food system, and began adding harmful chemicals that could save time and improve crop quality. In the 1970’s, private organizations, started to compile a list certification standards to eliminate false advertisement, consumer fraud, and to safeguard the organic label (Dimitri 8). As years progressed, and the consumer demand for organic products increased, the United States passed the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA). The act was implemented in 1990, and mandated the United States Department of Agriculture to create a structured set of national standards for farmers and distributors of organically grown agricultural products to abide by. The National Organic Program, a program of the USDA agricultural Marketing Service, and the OFPA, regulate organic production methods to assure consumers that the food they are eating is in fact grown organically. According to the NOP guidelines for organic crop production pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, genetically engineered seeds, and sewer sludge-based fertilizers are not acceptable when raising organic food. When the org anic method is used to raise animals, the use of antibiotics or growth hormones is not acceptable. Organic feed must be used, and the animals have to be granted access to the outdoors (Dimitri 8). The organic farming method puts ecologically friendly techniques into practice by relying on biological pest management and composting (Dimitri 8). The organic farming method puts ecologically friendly techniques into practice by relying on biological pest management and composting (Dimitri 8). Organic food is grown without using synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones in both crop production and raising livestock (Dimitri 8). According to the International Federation on Organic Agriculture Movements, the purpose behind

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The Jovian Planets Essay -- essays research papers

The Jovian Planets Far beyond Earth in the solar nebula lies an ice belt and beyond that lay the four Jovian planets. They are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Jovian means "Jupiter- like" in which the rest of the jovian planets do coincide with the name. Uranus Neptune and Saturn, all carry the same traits as Jupiter. The jovian planets are large gas giants that contain mainly a thick atmosphere of Hydrogen and helium. These planets do not have solid surfaces, rather they just get denser with depth. They contain high mass and are usually anywhere from 15 to 318 times the mass of earth. They also contain many satellites and the gravity is much stronger than that of earth. The jovian planets inner structure probably consists of a rocky core of metals, water, ammonia and methane. Usually these cores are about the same size as earth possibly a little larger. It is also possible that Uranus and Neptune’s core is a liquid instead of a solid. The Jovian planets also have about the s ame rotational characteristics and all have rings around them. Jupiter, the first of the jovian planets, reigns supreme throughout the solar system. Named after the Roman god Jove, the ruler of Olympus; Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and is also the largest planet in the Earth’s solar system. It is 318 times more massive than Earth and is two thirds of the planetary mass in the solar system. Jupiter’s surface, unlike earth, is gaseous and not a solid. It is about 90% hydrogen and 10% helium with traces of methane, ammonia, water and rock. Jupiter’s interior is very similar to the Sun’s interior but with a far lower temperature. However, it is still unknown but Jupiter is believed to have a core of liquid metallic hydrogen. This exotic element can only be achieved at pressure greater than 4 million bars. Jupiter radiates more energy in space than it receives from the sun. The interior of Jupiter is hot and has been estimated to be 20000 degrees Kelvin. The heat is generated by the Kelvin- Hemholtz mechanism, or the gravitational compression of a planet. It gives off about 1.5 to 2 times more energy than the sun. It is speculated that the source of this heat is due to the rapid rotation of the planet and it’s liquid metallic hydrogen core. Liquid Metallic hydrogen consists mainly of ionized protons and electrons and is the electric... ... tidal forces, which caused nitro gas volcanoes on it’s surface. Different from the terrestrial planets, the Jovian planets are basically big balls of gas. The jovian planets seemed to be formed around the same time from the solar nebula. Jupiter and Saturn are the closest in nature to each other with Neptune and Uranus taking on a few of their traits. They all carry the same characteristics in their Classification. The Jovian planets are composed mainly of helium and hydrogen. They have a liquid or small rocky core. They are usually high in mass and low in density. They have many satellites and the gravity is much stronger than Earth’s. They also all share the same banding and zoning winds. With these characteristics defined with each description given it is easy to see how the planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are Jovian or "Jupiter - like". Bibliographies Seeds, Michael A., Foundations of Astronomy; copyright 1994, Wadsworth inc. Considine, Douglas M. ; Van Nostrands Scientific Encyclopedia, volume eight; Copyright 1995, Van Nostrand Rienholdt, NY Maran, Stephen P. , The Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclopedia, Copyright 1992, Van Nostrand Rienholdt, NY

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Great Gatsby :: essays research papers

By the end of World War I, many America authors were ready to change their ways and views on writing. Authors were tired of tradition and limitations. One of these writers was F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was a participant in the wild parties with bootleg liquor, but he was also a critic of this time. His book, The Great Gatsby is an excellent example of modernist literature, through its use of implied themes and fragmented storyline.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Great Gatsby is a book about Jay Gatsby’s quest for Daisy Buchanan. During the book, Jay tries numerous times at his best to grasp his dream of being with Daisy. The narrator of the book Nick Carraway finds himself in a pool of corruption and material wealth. Near the end, Nick finally realizes that what he is involved in isn’t the lifestyle that he thought it was previously, and he tries to correct his mistake.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The theme of illusion versus reality is implied throughout the book. Fitzgerald once wrote, â€Å"That’s the whole burden of this novel – the loss of those illusions that give such color to the world so that you don’t care whether things are true or false as long as they partake of the magical glory.†(xv) For instance, Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy masks the harsh reality that it was never going to happen. Gatsby even realizes that his illusion is greater than reality when he kisses her, and â€Å"forever wed[s] his unutterable visions to her perishable breath.†(117) Gatsby seems to know that his idea and pursuit of Daisy is more rewarding than the actual attainment of her.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another theme that is used is the American dream. Gatsby himself is a believer in the American dream of self-made success. During the book, we learn that he had created himself out of nothing, that his whole life is merely fiction. Gatsby remained fully committed to his dream of being socially accepted to the end. Therefore he never comprehends that his strive for success and social acceptance led him to his deathbed. That is why Gatsby is a prime example of the American dream.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Similarly, the theme of faulty vision is prevalent in the book. Wealth, material possessions, and power are the core values of the American dream. Gatsby did achieve the American dream but his idealistic faiths in money and life’s possibilities twisted his dreams and life into worthless existence based on falsehoods.

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Radical Energy Technologies

A radical energy technology is one that is not classed as â€Å"business as usual† and takes a different approach, such as renewable resources, for instance using solar cell technology instead of traditional fossil fuels. It could be a wide range of different technologies, including nuclear, wind, and other fuels. A policy regarding energy or energy consumption reduction could be a target to reduce consumption over the next decades, such as seen in the Kyoto protocol. It could also be more local or domestic such as recycling targets.With the world’s primary energy needs set to grow by 55% by 2030, and electricity consumption to double over the next few decades, managing future need is a global challenge, and one of the most significant of our time. The International Energy Authority (IEA) estimates that $22 trillion of new investment will be needed by 2030. At the same time, there is the global challenge of climate change and the need to develop cleaner sources of energ y in order to improve the health of our environment.There are two main ways of achieving this; measures such as emissions controls, carbon trading and green taxation to encourage a reduction in energy consumption and an increase in energy efficiency, this known as a ‘carrot and stick’ approach. The alternative to this is to develop new and radical technologies that are sustainable and bring energy security. An example of a stick and carrot approach would be through ‘green axes’. In some countries taxation measures, known as green taxes, have been introduced with the aim of cutting the use of natural resources and encouraging waste recycling.In the UK these include new vehicle excise duties (VED) that tax vehicles according to their level of carbon dioxide emissions. Owners of so called ‘gas-guzzlers’ pay more, as do those with older, less fuel-efficient vehicles. Other ideas for taxes aimed at reducing energy consumption include removing stamp duty on the sale of carbon neutral homes, raising the duty on petrol and diesel, and raising air passenger duty on flights out of the UK.Greater use of renewable energy and advances in energy technology may be one answer to a more secure energy future. However, all the new technologies that have emerged so far have their own advantages and disadvantages. Offshore wind turbines for instance costs at least 50% more than on land, but wind speeds at sea are generally double those on land, so offshore turbines can generate more electricity. The fact that offshore wind turbines cannot be seen nor heard from landcommunities, this being a massive advantage, as proposal to build inland wind farms have been strongly opposed by those who claim they are visually unappealing and far too noisy. Horns Rev, in the North Sea off Denmark is one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms. It opened in October 2002, covering an area of 20 km2, and costing in excess of ?220 million to build. It g enerates 160MW through its 80 turbines. A prime factor in the selection of the site was the strength of the winds from all points of the compass.This will make the future of Denmark’s energy much more secure because they know they are guaranteed this supply of energy. Geothermal energy is a new radical technology becoming popular in areas of the world geographically suitable to do so. In the Philippines, 25% of the electricity supply is generated from an underground supply of heat. This renewable geothermal heat is free, inexhaustible and available day and night, due to local geology. The heat is used to turn water into steam, which generates electricity in turbines.Geothermal energy has significant advantages over other renewable resources. There is no need to cover several square kilometres of land with wind turbines or solar panels, when certain parts of the world (main areas include Iceland, the USA and south Australia) have the ‘hot rocks’ that make recovera ble heat possible. However, extracting this heat is not easy. In many locations the heat is too deep to be extracted economically, and the local geology can create problems.

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English Placement Essay

Nearly 20 years ago, Raymond received severe head trauma from a car accident which left IM in a coma for nearly a month. Eventually, Raymond recovered but he had difficulty, especially with his memory. Harriet becomes Raymond primary caregiver. Harrier's health began to decline over the years eventually suffering a stroke and a broken hip requiring her placement in skilled nursing home. The family found themselves trying to determine what arrangements their mother had made for her care as well as Raymond.They found that she neglected to address any of their affairs; no powers of attorney, no living wills, no wills and very small nest egg. It was to long after Harriet placement in the home that Raymond is placed the dementia ward of the same facility as Harriet. Because of the lack of planning Raymond son had to be declared is father's legal guardian by the Courts. Although the nursing home claimed the fourth floor was a dementia unit, it was little more than a limited access skilled nursing unit. Patients were permitted to wander the ward with little or no supervision.The family was not happy about the situation but with limited financial resources there was no choice. On February 28th, 2011, Raymond was wandering the halls of the unit, one can only surmise what occurred next. According to a subsequent state investigation, the wing was left unsupervised. An amputee patient fell out of his wheelchair. A life member of the volunteer fire department Raymond heard the wonder alarm sounding and intuitively he attempted open the large nutritional door to the patient's room.The patient was lying on the floor directly behind the door. The door would not open, so Raymond continued to push on the doors trying to be of assistance. Eventually, the staff heard the alarm and responded to find Raymond in the hall and the patient on the floor with head trauma. After the incident, the family received a call from the nursing home stating that Raymond need to go to the hospital p sychiatric unit. The family was not alarmed as this had happened a few times before.The home failed to elaborate. The morning news told the story of an incident of a dementia patient assaulting another. The following evening the news was of a dementia patient being charged with aggravated assault with the District Attorney office considering homicide charges. The family had to obtain a criminal attorney for Raymond, who had already been declared legal incompetent by the courts. It seems the nursing home had not mentioned that to the charging officer or the District Attorney's office.They also had to obtain a civil attorney because the victim's family had indicated they were going to sue all the parties involved. Raymond could be of little help in his defense and became confused easily reverting to his earliest memories. Investigations were being conducted into the events that led to this tragedy. The district attorney's office hired a forensic psychiatrist to determine if Raymond wa s competent and the state department of public welfare was conducting its own investigation. Meanwhile, being unified too hospital psychiatric unit Raymond health declined quickly.He refused to feed himself and became frustrated if others offer to feed himself; a natural progression of dementia. Because of Raymond overall health a feeding tube was rejected by the family. On the evening of April 30, 2011, Raymond died alone in the same hospital as his victim had two months earlier. The following day the district attorney's office stated that Raymond would not have been charged with any criminal charges. Six weeks later the nursing home suffered one of the largest fine in the history of the State as well as being placed on a provisional license.

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History of Jets vs. Patriots

English 101 Analysis Essay NY Jets vs. NE Patriots Rivalry The rivalry between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots exists because of the volatile history amongst players, coaches and fans, past and present, and because of the extreme loyalty, and passion that the people associated with these two teams exhibit. New York City and Boston are approximately 3 1? 2 hours apart by car. This Rivalry is likely the largest in the history of the National Football League (NFL). Throughout the history of these two teams their rivalry record is 53-52-1.The 53 stands for the Patriots win`s against the Jets. This shows that the games have been very close and the Patriots have one win over the Jets. The â€Å"1† stands for a â€Å"draw†. This means the game went into double over-time and stayed a tie. This is very rare to come across and it does not even happen yearly in the NFL. These teams continue to play great games and keep one of sport’s greatest rivalry`s going. Many motives throughout the history of the NFL have helped make this rivalry exciting to watch, and helped to create some of the greatest games to ever go down in the NFL.Both of these teams are in the American Football Conference (AFC). Within this conference they are also in the same division, which is the (AFC East). The New York Jets were on top of the AFC and their rivalry against the Patriots in the early years of the NFL. New York was the first AFC team to win a Super Bowl title, dating all the way back to the 1968-1969 season. They played this game against the Indianapolis Colts, and goes down as one of the largest Super Bowl upsets in the history of the League. The whole world doubted them and the AFC was basically considered a joke during this time period.Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath, made a bold promise that the sports world has still not forgotten. This move was almost as bold and crazy as Babe Ruth calling his homerun in the World Series. He made a public promis e to his team and sports fans that he would carry the Jets to win this Super Bowl. This seemed like a ridiculous promise seeing as the projections had New York losing this game by a whopping sixteen points! This Super Bowl upset was a larger upset then the 2008 game, when the New England Patriots got upset by the New York Giants.The Giants were fourteen point underdogs and came back to beat the undefeated Patriots in the most watched sports event. These two Super bowls will never be forgotten, and they go down as two of the greatest and most memorable upsets in Super bowl history! During the time period of the late sixties when the Jets were on the rise, New England was still attempting to find their franchises identity, repeatedly getting beat by star quarterback Joe Namath and the New York Jets. Within this time period, both teams began to create fan-based families.The rivalry basically began with the fans of the two teams. They began to hate each other. Anybody representing these two teams would be welcomed by each other, and instantaneously liked. They both agreed in the fact of having a mutual dislike for each other. Being a huge fan and a part of the huge fan community games are taken very seriously. You must have respect for the opposing team’s stadium when you are a fan at the opposing stadium. To these hard-core fans walking in to the stadium with his-respect is like, walking into their house, where their families live and showing disrespect.This is all how the rivalry began between the Patriots and Jets. The cities mutual hate and family like bonding has helped to create this great rivalry. In this decade the New England Patriots have done remarkable things, achieving the ultimate goal of making it to the Super Bowl more than any other team in the National Football League. They have done this with star quarterback Tom Brady who was groomed and raised by arguably the greatest head coach in the history of football, Bill Belichick. Tom Brady and the Patriots have found there way to four Super Bowls since the year 2000.This is more super bowl appearances in this time period than any other team. Not only did they make it to those four Super Bowls, but they also won three of them, only losing that great upset against the New York Giants in the 2008 Super Bowl. In the Tom Brady and, Bill Belichick era, New England has been consistently successful. The Jets have fought hard to keep up with them as they find themselves having to take it one game at a time. The New York Jets have been successful since hiring the defensive coordinator from the Baltimore Ravens, Rex Ryan.He is a self spoken coach who loves his team and isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind. This is the kind of coach the Jets needed, someone to spark the team and never consider the team out of the play-offs. He is a defensive minded coach who loves to run the ball rather then pass it. This has helped the Jets create schemes to confuse their long time rival t he Patriots. The most important recent game these two teams have faced off against was last season. It was during the 2010-1011 playoffs in the divisional championship game. This is the second round of the play-offs, and the game took place in New England.Young quarterback Mark Sanchez from USC, and the New York Jets came out flying high and shut down the Patriots dynamic offense. The Jets defense played great and the Jets were able to make a statement to New England and the rest of the world that they are the better team, winning the three game series on the year, winning two games and losing one. The Jets won this game twenty-eight to fourteen, advancing to the AFC Conference Championship game against the Pittsburg Steelers. The Jets played a terrible first half and ended up losing their second consecutive Conference Championship, falling one game short of the Super-bowl once again.This wasn’t all bad for the New York Jets. Mark Sanchez proved he was in New York to stay and be the franchise quarterback for years to come. In his second season in the NFL he finally quieted all of the critics proving he could win in big games. Him and second year head coach Rex Ryan have a four win, two loss record in the play-offs. All of these play-off games were played on the road against very good football teams making it more impressive for the young quarter-back and new head coach. These are all prime example of how the Patriots and Jets each show loyalty.This is a huge reason the rivalry exists between these two teams. This most recent season which is still taking place, the Patriots have continued to win and amaze opponents and fans all around the nation. There almost perfect offense have continuously embarrassed teams and showed promise that they are on their way to their fifth Super Bowl since the year 2000. New faces are beginning to emerge in New England. One of the biggest is there new running-back Danny Woodhead. He runs the ball hard and is a great threat to catch it out of the back field at just five-foot- ten 185 pounds.He is a quick player with the ability to change the game at any time. What makes this player so intriguing is that he was dropped by the New York Jets and scooped up off of free agency by the Patriots. Bill Belichick took Woodhead under his wing and gave him the shot that he deserved. This makes sparks the Jets-Patriots rivalry because any time you get a player playing against his former team it is always interesting. The Patriots handled the Jets this past season easily beating them in both contests in which they played each other. In these two games Danny Woodhead had two touchdowns and touched the ball endless amounts of times.The Patriots and Jets games were once known as the Tuna Bowl; referencing former New England coach Bill Parcells who ended his famous argument with owner Robert Kraft by taking his talents back to New York to run the hated Jets. This was just one piece of the puzzle to make this rivalry gre at. There have been numerous events that have taken place since September of 1960 when these two teams faced off for the first time. This goes all the way back to when the NFL wasn’t even in tact yet. In the two clubs' very first meeting, the New York Titans hosted the Boston Patriots at New York's Polo Grounds.The Titans looked as if they were about to win the game until there punter fumbled a snap and Boston brought it back for a touchdown to seal the first win in the New York and Boston football rivalry. The Jets argued that the ball was kicked by a Boston player which is illegal, however the call stood to lead the Boston Patriots to a twenty-four to twenty-one win over the New York Titans. Six years later, the then-Boston Patriots tied the Jets twenty-four to twenty-four at Fenway Park for the only dead-heat in the rivalry's history.The Patriots led twenty-four to four-teen after three quarters but two Joe Namath touchdowns and a field goal tied the game. It would also be the last time the Patriots did not lose to the Jets until October 1971. On December 8th 1985 was the first time these two teams faced off in a play-off game. The Patriots traveled to Giants Stadium where the Jets shared a stadium with the New York Giants. The Patriots offense erupted and won the game twenty-six to four-teen. This was their first play-off win since beating the Buffalo Bills in 1963 to be named the AFL divisional champions.This was a very exciting win for the Patriots. You know it’s a great rivalry when the fans can’t be in the same stadium without causing complete chaos. Patriots and Jets fans hate each other and do not get along. This was definitely the case in October of 1976. The Patriots hosted the Jets on Monday night football, which was unofficially renamed â€Å"Monday Night Madness† when the rowdiness of drunken fans at the Patriots home field led to mass arrests by local police and the cuffing of fans to a chain-link fence when other sp ace became unavailable.On this Monday night game the patriots ran over New York with 330 yards rushing and five rushing touchdowns. They also tossed a late game touchdown to beat the Jets forty-one to seven. Perhaps one of the largest player swaps in the history of these two teams was hall of fame running back Curtis Martin. After playing three seasons in New England, the 2005 NFL rookie of the year became a free agent. The Patriots fought hard to keep Martin in New England but it just couldn’t work out for them as they were out bided. The Jets offered Martin a 6-year, $36 million contract, and the Patriots, low on salary cap space, opted to not match the offer.The Jets sent a first round draft pick to New England and took Curtis Martin for the remainder of his career. Martin became the heart and soul of the team, and remained on the team until 2007 when he blew out his knee and ended his career. In 2008 star Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady was facing the Kansas City Chiefs i n the first game of the regular season. He dropped back for a pass early in the first quarter when a freak accident happened that put the future hall of fame quarterbacks career in jeopardy. Chief’s lineman was looking to sack Tom Brady when he fell on Brady’s leg causing him to tear his ACL and MCL.This put Brady out for the season and forced the Patriots to start young quarter-back Matt Castle. This was the first year the Patriots didn’t win the American Football Conference, in almost a decade. During this season the Jets and Patriots split the regular season wins one to one. The following season which was 2009, Tom Brady was back, and so were the Patriots. The first match between these two teams in 2009 was a highly anticipated game. It was the first time fresh Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, and brand new head coach Rex Ryan would face off against Tom Brady and the Patriots.In the week prior to the game, Ryan placed a phone message to all Jets season ticket h olders asking them to â€Å"make it miserable for (Tom) Brady and company,† following up on his comments during the offseason that he would not â€Å"kiss Bill Belichick's Super Bowl rings. † He told the Jets fans that â€Å"the Patriots had a better head coach and a better quarterback,† but that the game would decide â€Å"who has a better team. The Nose Tackle for the Jets Kris Jenkins, called this New York’s version of the Super Bowl. The Jets had not beat New England since half way hrough the 2000-2001 season, but they knew with a new coach who could spark the team, anything was possible. In the end, the Jets defeated the Patriots 16-9 in the 100th overall meeting of the rivalry series. The Jets and Patriots have both exposed passion for every single game played against each other. They play their hearts out and it’s always an exciting game to watch. The rivalry goes so much deeper than just the stats and the games. The fans and communities ar e passionate believers. As you can see throughout the history of the New England and New York football rivalry there have been some memorable moments, players, and games.Both teams have been exposed to key components to have a great rivalry. These components are family, history, loyalty, and passion. The Patriots have had more success in the long run, even though the series record proves the two teams to be about equal. The patriots have made it to more Super Bowls, and Play-off games. The Patriots have quickly learned if they take the Jets lightly it will not end up in their favor. These two teams have defiantly proved they are worthy of playing great games, and this rivalry will likely never go away!

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Global North-South economic Essay

Why is there a Global North-South economic divide in world politics today? There have been and still are many problems in the world of politics today. The Global North-South economic divide is just one of them. In order for this essay to be answered, it needs to be split into several sections accordingly. Firstly a definition of what the ‘North-South’ divide will be offered, however there are many types of North-South divides (like digital divide, knowledge divide) but this essay will be looking at the economic divide. Secondly and the pivotal part is the reasons as to why the divide still exists in world politics today with reasons such as colonialism and trade. Finally a conclusion will be given summarising the essay and also provide ways to bridge the ‘gap’ in the North-South economic divide as for many states the divide has more disadvantages than advantages. The North-South divide is the socio-economic and political division which exists between the wealthy developed countries, known collectively as â€Å"The North†, and the poorer developing countries, as â€Å"The South†. Although most nations comprising the â€Å"North† are in fact located in the Northern Hemisphere, the divide is not primarily defined by geography. The term was coined to differentiate the cultural divide between East and West. As nations become economically developed, they may become part of the â€Å"North†, regardless of geographical location, while any other nations which do not qualify for â€Å"developed† status are in effect deemed to be part of the â€Å"South†.1 For more than a generation, the North-South divide was central to the explanation of world inequality and poverty. From the 1960’s until the late 1980’s, the image of a world split between the wealthy developed countries of the North and the poor developing countries of the South fuelled the activity of policy makers and scholars alike.2 Through the 1950’s and 1960’s, countries regarded as developing nations were weighted down with unequal trade agreements, multinational pricing practices, debt burden, pre-capitalist appropriation of labour, capital flight, the looting of natural resources and local corruption. As well, it was harder for the developing countries to compete and work in an economic system that favoured the northern countries.3 The international financial institutions, the stock markets, the commodity cartels and the monopoly structure of global capitalism stacked the cards against the developing world, in favour of tilting the economic wheel of prosperity towards the North. As a result, the pillage of the third world continued, even after the colonizers departed and, supposedly, left free, open and independent societies. In the process, however, the developing countries were left with depleted resources, a barren land, stagnate economies, financially ruined governments and impoverished people.4 From the 1960’s until the late 1980’s, the world split between the wealthy developed countries of the North and the poor developing countries of the South fuelled the activity of policy makers and scholars alike.5 One of the foremost reasons for why the north-south divide exists is because of colonialism. For a long time many countries in the North held colonies in the South as assests and prevented them from developing so that their power was retained. A good example is Zambia, which only gained independence in 1954. Up until then, Zambia was suppresed since over 70% of profits from copper went overseas and only $60 million of capital flowed into the country each year. Therefore the colonial power acted as a block to development. This is not the case now but there is something of a concern which is linked to colonialism which is multinational power. This is another reason why there is a global north-south economic divide today; multinationals like Nike and Coca Cola own many industries in the South. They exploit these countries through cheap land and labour as well as lax safety regulations.6 In Taiwan, many Nike employees have their rights suppresed and are paid ridiculous wages; to give an example of how much they get paid it is said that they work 10-12 hours a day, mostly every day and if they did this for a year they would earn roughly just à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½1,500.00.7 This is what generally people in the UK earn in a month. Safety regulations in relation to Multinationals are also lax in many southern states; because Multinationals, through less regulation do not have to worry so much about safety regulations such as; safety for their workers like they would have in more developed countries, pollution controls and physical overload (amount of hours worked). One of the major reasons that there is a North-South economic divide, is because the North have mostly cornered the market, thus causing it to developed while the South struggle. The South is trying to develop, but have the problem in trading with the North as they have more control over markets. The inability to trade is an important aspect as trade is an essential part to development since a favourable balance of payments can be achieved.8 This leads to the next reason why the divide still exists; currency. Although the recent introduction of the Euro across Europe has improved the economy is some areas at the very least, the South do not have this luxury. Different states in the South all have different currencies so thus the inability of the South to obtain foreign currency like the dollar or the pound is an important reason as to why the divide still exists today. The currencies in the South are unstable and therefore in order to trade they must obtain currencies used worldwide; like the dollar or the pound. This is often achieved through international trade but this is blocked through lack of available markets and through the imposition of tariffs and quotas upon exports coming from the South. To give an example; one of the major constraints for South Africa in their supply of textiles and clothing has been inadequate foreign currency reserve causing them the inability to cover industry import needs.9 Another concern brought about in regards to the deteriotation of exchange rates is that it increases the poorer countries debt problem.10 In addition, when payments are made, precious national resources that could be spent on developing fair and sustainable economies and societies are channelled back to the rich North. In other words, the international status quo is impeding sustainable development, income generation and poverty eradication.11 Another reason for the divide is resource dependancy. The reliance on one export can at first be successful and prosperous but then can lead to disaster. As already mentioned, Zambia had much reliance over their copper sales. In 1997, Zambia was relying on copper to be its main seller as it was 75% of their export earnings in the mining industry; the vulnerability of Zambia’s economy due to its reliance on copper mining has been exposed in the very recent past by the falling copper price and by falling production as a result of limited re-investment in the mining industry. 12 Another point to make in relation to resources is in regard to Africa and coffee beans. As it is well known the WTO (World Trade Organisation) allows tariff escalation; this means it is cheaper and easier for Africans to export coffee beans that it is to export processed coffee. Therefore Africa does not develop beyond coffee growers.13 It also allows for tariff peaks that are used to keep out goods where African countries have particular advantage like leather goods. So therefore, any move by Africans to develop manufacturing capabilities or to exploit comparative advantage to benefit meaningfully from their products meets with enormous obstacles and disincentives n Northern markets. These obstacles are legal and continue the colonial legacy of forbidding manufacturing in the colonies.14 Governments especially in the South prevent their states developing, thus adding to the divide. Too many underdeveloped states are spending too much on arms trade rather than on more resourceful aspects such as health and education. To give an example Iraq is spending 32% of their GNP of military, while Iraq has 19.2%; this is a slightly back dated estimate so it would be best to assume the percentages would be higher.15 As many states in north are aiding those in the south, this causes a detrimental effect on the south. Although, the states from the north are aiding with good intentions, any aid that helps a part of the economy that a government is trying to develop will only prevent development and not help the country get to grips with its true economic situation. There are serious deficiences in this ideology of ‘North-South’ divide. The North uses the free trade ideology as a means of domination over the resources and livelihoods of the people of the South. To bring about a change in ‘fortunes’ for developing states like Africa, a number of obstacles have to be overcome. The first being the ideology of ‘free trade’ that contaminates every level of policy making in many countries. Most officials and ministers ‘do not know they do not know’ or are ‘politically’ helpless in the face of free trade ideology. 16 The principles of ‘free trade’ which are presented as inherently good are unsurprisingly absent in the North’s approach to agriculture. In agriculture free trade is turned on its head, because the WTO allows the North to use ‘trade distorting’ subsidies – state intervention that distorts the market: the ultimate trade sin.17 What needs to be done is that developing countries need to learn about international trade, they need to fight and make sure organisations such as the WTO and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) give fair justice to all states whether developed or developing. There are other views on development that are simply not canvassed at all by governments because they do not realise that they do not know; meaning developing states do not have all the information or even have access to information, therefore do not know what areas they can improve on or what areas they can fight against the developed countries. To give an example, a developing state cannot fight against developed countries over injustice if they do not have the resources or right information; the problem lies in that they do not realise that they actually do not know about certain policies but they think they do. Problems can be solved if organisations such as the WTO actually provide service not just for the North but also for the South. According to Mr. Atkinson of Oxfam, to bring peace and equality amongst economies in the world there needs to be a global framework of rules; which the WTO can provide, but those rules have to allow nations of the South to catch up to nations of the North at their own speed.18 To conclude, this essay has looked at the global North-South economic divide and has provided reasons as to why it still exists in world politics today. Reasons such as colonialism and the given example of Zambia and their reliance on copper. According to Kurt Achin who writes for ‘Voice of America’, the global north-south economic divide remains the fault line in approaching the next world trade summit.19 So as it can seen, the global North-South divide exists today for a variety of reasons, and it will continue to exists in world politics until these reasons are put straight and rectified so that equality can be share with the North and South. However, this view is not shared by all, as those ‘powerful’ states would prefer to have this ‘divide’ so that their economies can stay dominant and powerful. Reference Martens, P. (2003), International Centre for Integrative Studies: The Globalisation Timeline, University of Maastricht, vol. 4, no.3, pp 137-144 Thierien, P. J (1999), Beyond the North-South divide: The two tales of world poverty, Academic Search Elite, vol. 11, no.1, Issue 4 1 – 7-3-06 2 beyond the north-south divide journal – pg 1 of 18 – 2 tales of world poverty 3 4 – 23 5 Thierien, P. J (1999), Beyond the North-South divide: The two tales of world poverty, Academic Search Elite, vol. 11, no.1, Issue 4, pg 1 6 – 8-3-06 7 – 8-3-06 8 9 9-3-06 10 – 22-3 11 22-3 12 10-3-06 13 23- 14 23 15 – 15-3-06 16 23 17 23 18 – 25 19 25